Ebbe Stub Wittrup

Stafetten, 2015. Gl Strand Kunsthal, Copenhagen, Denmark

Press release

Expect the unexpected at the Summer exhibition at GL STRAND this year. The exhibition Art Relay will present 17 contemporary Danish artists who invite each other based on their dialogue and inspiration. This relay bewteen artists will constitute an extraordinary and multifacetted group exhibition. Welcome to Art Relay - an art exhibition, a poetry stage, One Night Only with performances and debate, a cronicle and the People's Meeting on Bornholm.

Participating artists: SUPERFLEX, Olof Olsson, Per Bak Jensen, Vladimir Tomic, Ana Pavlovic, Christian Vind, Jens Birkemose, Jacob Stangerup, Ebbe Stub Wittrup, E.B. Itso, Maj Hasager, Jeannette Ehlers, Javier Tapia, Emil Westman Hertz, Claus Hugo Nielsen, Nanna Abell, Naja Maria Lundstrøm.